Reach for the stars…



Dream in Code (Industry & Defence) is a program tailored for organisations to offer education and capability pathways to people in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.

We know how to find the smart kids in the region and help them reach for the stars. We know how to find their smart parents and connect them with retraining opportunities to thrive. We know what it takes to support young people and adults to develop the skills and capabilities needed for the Defence Industry.

Most importantly: we know the community in the North. We know the Defence Industry.


Dream in Code co-designs with community a targeted and culturally safe program, aimed to inspire and develop capability of local people in (technical skills of) Science, Technology, Engineering,  Arts and Maths (STEAM). The program will encourage and underpin their future careers to create lasting community benefit.

Do you want to be part of a life changing intergenerational community story in the region?


Through the Dream in Code program both technical and life skills are embedded to offer holistic outcomes. Does your business want to be a part of supporting local people in the Northern Suburbs get access to training and employment in the defence industry?


Dream in Code will specifically work with industry professionals to provide multiple benefits which include:

  • Being visible to students and community about what is possible.
  • Providing relevant and current industry knowledge.
  • Offering supported extra-curricular activity outside of school.
  • Celebrating as a community building tool.


Dream in Code can support Defence Industries to become a career of choice and can connect you with the workers you need – locally.

We can find the smart kids – and their smart parents.

Dr Ali Elder & Georgia Heath


Tel: 0417 840 804 / 0434 654 903