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Are you ready to dream?

Dream in Code was started back in 2016 when we ran our first prototype at 12-25 youth centre in Salisbury. We had 6 young women join us for that first course and we were supported by teachers, parents, youth educators, students and librarians who all helped us to co-design our content. It was a great first run and we finished the course on a high- the parents and students that participated were all hoping that we would be back to run another course in 2017 and we hoped we would be too.

What we found was that life for the co-creators of Dream in Code got a little bit busy during 2017 and 2018 so we had to put our plans on hold. Amanda got her first full-time job that took her to Sydney, Georgia became an almost instant mum to two little Dreamers and Ali was achieving amazing things in her other role transforming the future opportunities for young people in the North of Adelaide (find out more about Ali’s work here:

In amongst all of that we were able to create our very first digital version of Dream in Code and we are so happy to be able to share it with you really soon. Going digital will allow us to scale Dream in Code and share it with so many more young women. To support the digital program we will also be providing on-line groups and will be working with schools and libraries to host face-to-face sessions throughout the course.

We really hope that you can help us to spread the word about this next stage for Dream in Code and to help us find our next group of Dreamers. We are looking for 10 schools or libraries that can jump on board as test sites when we launch on 13th August. If you are interested in finding out more about being a host or know someone that might be interested drop us a line at or sign up for updates at

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